5 February 2020 - 6 February 2020

Partner meeting in Stockholm

The second physical partner meeting will take place in Stockholm on the 6th of February 2020.

10 January 2020 - 23 January 2020

Publishing of Future Report

The first draft of the Future report from Kairos Future.

26 November 2019

Publishing of website

The webpage for Nordic Food In Tourism was published where all the material, stories, best practises and outcomes will be shared. Please contact us if you have any suggestions or questions.

18 June 2019 - 20 June 2019

Partner meeting in Iceland

The first partner meeting took place in Reykjavík Iceland in June 2019.

15 March 2019

Workgroup meeting

Second Zoom meeting with the project group.

27 February 2019

Workgroup meeting

First Zoom workgroup meeting with the project group.