Nordic Food in Tourism

What will the purpose of regional food in tomorrow´s tourism be?
Nordic Food in tourism is a project that consists of Nordic partners that operate under the presidency of Iceland in the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Food and Culinary heritage are a vital part of nations’ image. Especially because culinary heritage reflects culture and history and is influenced by seasonality and nature. Food experiences are an inseparable part of travel experiences wherever people might go, even whether the food factor is the sole purpose of the travel or not. That’s why it is important to talk about Food in tourism instead of food tourism or culinary tourism like we know it.

The awareness and interest in the importance of food has been increasing for the greater good of locals and travellers all over the Nordics. At the same time focus on sustainable food production and tourism has also been increasing so a balance is reached between growth and protection. In that context, questions arise about dynamic forces like global warming and consumer behaviour that influence decisions that promote sustainability and innovation both in food production and tomorrow´s tourism.

On behalf of the Ministry of Industries and Innovation, Iceland´s Culinary Treasures is leading the project in cooperation with Iceland´s Tourism Cluster and Matís.

The project is also supported by Icelandic experts on the matter. Nordic participants in the project come from Norway, Denmark, Greenland, the Faroe Islands, Finland, Åland Islands, and Sweden. With powerful cooperation which has already begun will the working party highlight the competitiveness of the Nordics and promote policy-making in regards of local culinary heritage in tourism that is built on the balance between demand and environmental awareness. The project is set for three years, from 2019-2021.